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Penny Stocks to Watch - Penny Stocks to Buy

BPZ is our momentum fuelled bottom running play today
BPZ Resources, Inc (BPZ)   Traders,   As promised, our momentum play is BPZ Resources, Inc (BPZ). If you are reading this email for the first time, stop what your doing and get it on your screen now or you may just miss out.   BPZ has been crushed recently along with...

Metabolix Inc (MBLX) and Corinthian Colleges (COCO) on high alert today
As promised, our opening bell alerts are Metabolix Inc (MBLX) and Corinthian Colleges (COCO).   MBLX has a tiny float of just 24m shares, a huge short interest and a hot chart.       There is a very obvious support / resistance area at $0.75   Yesterday it pulled back to this...

TXTM Stock has a crazy small market cap
Protext Mobility Inc (TXTM)     Traders,   Regular readers of this newsletter will know that I love sub-penny plays. Caught at the right time, they often provide the biggest opportunities for gains.   I've found one that is trading right above its 52 week lows and has pulled...

Cannabis Holdings Inc (GSML) is our Low Float Friday Runner
Cannabis Holdings Inc (GSML)   Traders,   Cannabis Holdings Inc (GSML) is our small market cap, low float Friday runner that could bring us a solid short term trading opportunity today.   If you haven't already, get GSML on your trading screen now - do not delay. Breaking...

How I Use EquityFeed to Dominate the Penny Stock Market
Everyone wants to know how to make money trading stocks. The strategy I am about to teach you allows you to absolutely dominate the penny stock market. In fact, it is almost unfair. This is so easy the Etrade baby could do it! The first thing you need is the EquityFeed stock software trading...


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