About Us

Penny Stock General was established to help ordinary investors make extraordinary gains in the stock market. We thoroughly research a wide range of companies listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTCBB and Pink Sheets, and bring to you only the best stock picks and trading opportunities through our blog, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail newsletter.

Our in house team of experienced research analysts have an outstanding track record of identifying undervalued companies that are ready to explode.

Best of all, Penny Stock General provides our top notch research and stock picks, as well as our useful stock market education section, to our audience absolutely free.

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In addition to highly skilled research analysts, our team also has expertise in corporate finance, accounting, strategic management, marketing, and most importantly, investing and trading. Yes, unlike other newsletters, we have a successful track record of putting our money where our mouth is, consistently outperforming the market and our competitors, year after year. Having experienced traders on board also means that in addition to the thorough fundamental due diligence undertaken, we can also advise on technical analysis and profile of a chosen stock.

The team at Penny Stock General also scan hundreds of message boards, chat rooms and twitter feeds all day, to get a pulse on what stocks are being hyped and what other successful traders are looking at.


Our audience is comprised of money managers, research analysts, investment bankers, institutional traders, and of course, individual investors, from the novice to the most experienced. If you would like to receive our stock market educational resources, extensive company research and stock alerts, we invite you to sign up for our FREE mailing list, join us on Twitter and Facebook, and of course, check out our blog.

Subscribers to our service can cancel at any time, and can provide feedback to us on our service as well as alert us to potentially undervalued companies we have not yet covered.