How I Use EquityFeed to Dominate the Penny Stock Market

Everyone wants to know how to make money trading stocks. The strategy I am about to teach you allows you to absolutely dominate the penny stock market. In fact, it is almost unfair. This is so easy the Etrade baby could do it!

The first thing you need is the EquityFeed stock software trading program. If you don’t have this software it will not work. Thankfully EquityFeed offers a $1.00 trial for the first month. There is a link at the bottom of the article to take you to the official website. The first time I figured I would try it; after all it was only a buck. You also need to get the Level 2 Quotes package which is another $20.00. There is no way to get around this as NASDAQ has a fee for providing the quotes to individual users. Plus if you are serious about trading penny stocks you should already have a Level 2 service. $21.00 is a drop in the hat compared to how much money you have the potential to make.

Now listen closely, what I am about to tell you is my secret. This is how you can literally make thousands of dollars every month. Don’t believe me? Keep reading. This is how you do it. EquityFeed steams it quotes faster than Ameritrade, Etrade, Zecco etc. It has better real time quotes them all of them. In fact most of these providers lag by about two to five seconds. This gives you a huge edge over the rest of the market.

OK, now I will spill the beans. The secret is to open up the EquityFeed platform and integrate it with your Ameritrade account if you have one. If you don’t it’s not that big of deal, you just need to be fast. Now what you are going to is open up the News Streamer and set it to only show news for OTCBB and Pink Sheet stocks. These are most of the penny stocks. Then set an alert to make a sound every time news is released.

Now you can go about your trading business. When you see the news streamer: Company WXYZ has received FDA Approval for its drug get ready to make some serious cash. If you are the first person in, it is nearly impossible to screw up this trade. Get ready to see gains of 100% to 1000% in only a matter of minutes. You will usually see an FDA Approval once per month. When it comes your heart will start pounding and you will see some serious green in your account. It is a rush! I usually exit the trade the same day to lock in profits, but you can do whatever you would like as I am not your broker and I cannot advise you to do anything. So if you are ready to make money, you need to try EquityFeed today.

EquityFeed Official Website – If you aren’t willing to try this money making software I will take you off my list of successful people today.

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