How to Choose the Right Options Trading Course

When selecting an options trading course, there are a number of things you should take into consideration, and costs is only one of those factors. In an industry where there are many snake oil salesmen, before you sign up for an options trading course you should do some research in order to determine which are the genuine courses run by experts and which are the ones you should avoid. This may seem logical, but it is very easy to find yourself being persuaded by slick internet marketers. Take care before parting with your hard earned cash. Here are few things you should look out for:

Cost – Obviously cost is going to be a factor, but it should not necessarily be the overriding factor. Choose an options trading course that fits your budget. The more expensive the course, the more research you will need to do. Also, don’t just automatically assume that the most expensive options trading course is the best. That is certainly not always the case. Make sure you are getting value for money and that the person or people delivering the course have a proven track record or success, not just at trading options but also at teaching people how to trade. Some traders suffer from “the curse of knowledge” in that they might be so knowledgeable on trading, that they find it incredibly difficult to teach the basics to beginners. Check out any reviews that previous students have left regarding the course and the instructors as well!

Delivery method – This is also very important. Is the course going to be delivered via workbooks, live sessions, audio files, recorded webinars or a combination? You should check this beforehand to ensure the options trading course is delivered in a format that you find suitable for your learning needs.

Support – This is a very key factor. A lot of courses will suck you in to buy something and then once they have your money will provide little to no support, leaving basically back at square one having to learn everything yourself. Having a mentor or coach will really speed up your learning process, as will having access to a forum where you can talk to other traders in a similar situation to yourself.

Content – It is very easy to find free information on options trading these days on the web, so why would you pay for regurgitated information that you can find yourself. Any decent course should not just explain what options are and how they work, it should explain how to trade each strategy, when to trade it and how to find trade set ups and opportunities. Courses that also cover topics other than learning options are also valuable, so look for courses that include instruction on how to set up a trading plan and risk management rules as well as other topics like technical analysis.

Please heed this advice before purchasing any options trading course online.

Gavin McMaster
Co-Founder of Options Trading Cube

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