Low Float Stocks

The float of a stock is generally defined as the number of shares available to be traded in a given company. The stock float is different to the outstanding shares, in that the outstanding share count is the total number of shares the company has issued, but are not necessarily available for trading.

Low float stocks are attractive to traders because they have the potential to move higher very quickly because of the laws of supply and demand.

Put simply, the supply of stock (the amount available to be traded) is often less than the demand (buying interest) for the stock. Just like with any good or service, when demand exceeds supply, prices generally go up.

The best low float stocks are those companies with a small market capitalization with the smallest number of shares available to be traded, and generally have a low share price.

Such stocks are often volatile, but can make explosive upside moves resulting in large gains in a short period of time.  Because of this, traders and investors generally seek out such stocks on the rise, and many believe these to be the best stocks in 2013.

Using various stock screeners and scanners, including equity feed, we have compiled a list of what we believe to be the top low float stocks, from all exchanges including the NASDAQ, OTC / OTCBB and Pink Sheets, and include China low float stocks.

In addition, we often feature the best low float stocks on the rise in our daily watchlists.

Ticker Company Name Exchange Float O/S Shares
HMG HMG Courtland Properties AMEX 256K 975K
SEB Seaboard Corp AMEX 295K 1.20M
SOFT Softech Inc OTCBB 317K 1.04M
HHWW Horiyoshi Worldwide Inc OTCBB 330K 800K
LIVE LiveDeal Inc Nasdaq 330K 2.76M
HMNY Helios & Matheson North America Nasdaq 357K 2.33M
AMIN American International Industries Inc OTCBB 362K 1.41M
DIT Amcon Distributing Co AMEX 367K 623K
MAYS JW Mays Inc Nasdaq 414K 2.02M
SPEX Spherix Incorporated Nasdaq 438K 814K
BOSC B.O.S. Better OnLine Solutions Nasdaq 445K 1.12M
OLCB Ohio Legacy Corp OTCBB 468K 1.97M
AKPB Alaska Pacific Bancshares Inc OTCBB 511K 654K
HWG Hallwood Group Inc AMEX 513K 1.52M
PNRG PrimeEnergy Corp Nasdaq 542K 2.45M
AMFC AMB Financial Corp OTCBB 549K 982K
FMCB Farmers & Merchants Bancorp OTCBB 557K 778K
CUO Continental Materials Corp AMEX 561K 1.63M
SPCHB Sport Chalet Inc Nasdaq 572K 1.78M
BDL Flanigan’s Enterprises Inc AMEX 600K 1.86M
MPAD Micropac Industries Inc OTCBB 603K 2.58M
SCND Scientific Industries Inc OTCBB 636K 1.34M
QKLS QKL Stores Inc Nasdaq 645K 1.44M
BDMS Birner Dental Management Services Inc Nasdaq 648K 1.84M
UNDT Universal Detection Technology OTCBB 656K 1.22M
PHII PHI Inc. Nasdaq 659K 2.91M
INTG Intergroup Corp Nasdaq 676K 2.36M
SVT Servotronics Inc AMEX 693K 2.38M
CVR Chicago Rivet & Machine Co AMEX 786K 966K
DEWY Dewey Electronics Corp OTCBB 813K 1.36M
PFED Park Bancorp Inc OTCBB 817K 1.19M
FFDF FFD Financial Corp Nasdaq 837K 1.02M
MDNT Medient Studios Inc OTCBB 860K 1.94M
CLWT Euro Tech Holdings Co Ltd Nasdaq 882K 2.07M
GTIM Good Times Restaurants Inc Nasdaq 890K 2.73M
JCTCF Jewett-Cameron Trading Ltd Nasdaq 895K 1.86M
ISRL Isramco Inc Nasdaq 896K 2.72M
GBR New Concept Energy Inc AMEX 896K 1.95M
BWINA Baldwin & Lyons Inc Nasdaq 902K 2.62M
IKNX Ikonics Corp Nasdaq 909K 2.00M
MXC Mexco Energy Corp AMEX 913K 2.04M
PBHC Pathfinder Bancorp Inc Nasdaq 917K 2.62M
DXR Daxor Corp AMEX 917K 4.20M
DJCO Daily Journal Corp Nasdaq 920K 1.38M
QADB QAD, Inc. Nasdaq 946K 3.16M
OBAS Optibase Ltd. Nasdaq 995K 3.82M
RIVR River Valley Bancorp/IN Nasdaq 1.01M 1.52M
MEAD Meade Instruments Corp. Nasdaq 1.02M 1.31M
TSRI TSR Inc Nasdaq 1.03M 1.96M
MHH Mastech Holdings Inc AMEX 1.03M 3.34M
CMOH Commercial Bancshares Inc OTCBB 1.04M 1.19M
ZSTN ZST Digital Networks Inc OTCBB 1.08M 11.60M
CSHB Community Shores Bank Corp OTCBB 1.10M 1.47M
UTGN UTG Inc OTCBB 1.12M 3.79M
CZBS Citizens Bancshares Corp OTCBB 1.13M 2.03M
MPML MPM Technologies Inc OTCBB 1.14M 7.14M
KYCN Keystone Consolidated Industries Inc OTCBB 1.15M 12.10M
IEHC IEH Corp OTCBB 1.16M 2.30M
VLOV VLOV Inc. OTCBB 1.16M 2.60M
SODI Solitron Devices Inc OTCBB 1.21M 2.18M
MRFD Morgan’s Foods Inc OTCBB 1.22M 2.94M
BDCO Blue Dolphin Energy Co OTCBB 1.35M 10.55M
IMCB Intermountain Community Bancor OTCBB 1.37M 2.60M
CDBK Cardinal Bankshares Corp OTCBB 1.40M 1.54M
CMSB CMS Bancorp Inc OTCBB 1.43M 1.86M
NOBH Nobility Homes Inc OTCBB 1.45M 4.06M
ALRN American Learning Corp OTCBB 1.51M 4.92M
PATD Patapsco Bancorp Inc OTCBB 1.56M 1.98M
EBODF Renewable Energy Trade Board OTCBB 1.57M 2.25M
PCBS Provident Community Bancshares Inc OTCBB 1.58M 1.79M
CHBH Croghan Bancshares Inc OTCBB 1.59M 1.68M
MTLK Metalink Ltd. OTCBB 1.62M 2.69M
BKBK Britton & Koontz Capital Corp OTCBB 1.64M 2.14M
HBKS Heritage Bankshares Inc OTCBB 1.66M 2.28M
SOMC Southern Michigan Bancorp Inc OTCBB 1.69M 2.39M
FETM Fentura Financial Inc OTCBB 1.70M 2.44M
AASP All-American SportPark Inc OTCBB 1.70M 4.52M
MCBF Monarch Community Bancorp Inc OTCBB 1.75M 2.05M
BVII Broadview Institute Inc OTCBB 1.78M 9.01M
BWOWF Wowjoint Holdings Ltd OTCBB 1.79M 8.40M
TRTI Transtech Industries, Inc. OTCBB 1.87M 2.98M
HYDI Hydromer Inc OTCBB 1.93M 4.77M
MSEL Merisel Inc OTCBB 1.97M 7.22M
ORSX Orsus Xelent Technologies Inc. OTCBB 2.01M 2.52M
TDYT Thermodynetics Inc OTCBB 2.06M 6.29M
TNGN Tengion, Inc. OTCBB 2.07M 3.12M
MCEM Monarch Cement Co OTCBB 2.12M 2.60M