Stock Scan 15 Oct 2012

BRND – Near $1 million promo from the same guys that did IDOI recently. Play with caution.

FITX – Look for early volume to take it higher, if not stay away. If it breaks down through$0.01 its game over.

SRGL – Holding up well, potential to take out recent highs but use caution if volume/interest fades

GNGR – Bounce watch – been consolidating for a few days after big sell off, expecting a bounce in the coming day(s)

IMUN – Broke through and held minor resistance, looking for volume surge to take it to next key level of $0.33

GRPN – Nice looking chart here sitting right above 50ma, looking for a break to take it to 6.25ish

LFLS – Small new promo, could pop today but as usual, watch for volume right at the open