Stock Scan 17 Sept 2012

PNGM – Miners are hot right now… SRCH, ECPN, JMGE all having big days on Friday. PNGM is a junior gold exploration company with some high quality properties. Nice up-trending chart that pulled back on Friday. On watch for re-test of recent highs.

EMPM – Nice volume last couple days and perfect bottoming chart – this would could see nice movement today

TTNP – Big pop on Friday. On watch for red-green action, or possible big gap up in which case be careful of chasing

PRTN – big moves up lately due to promotion – could continue, be careful of the possible dump coming

ORYN – volume fading but we could see another spike in the coming days – possible buy on moves up with volume, otherwise stay away

WRAP – on watch for follow through from Friday. Do not chase this as there is a lot of selling into any spikes. If it can clear $0.05 it might have legs for a momo trade.

PEIX – It’s sister company BIOF has more than double past few days, so we think PEIX may have more upside – watch for red-green action/pullback. It’s reduce its o/s and float size recently so this one could move big with any momentum