Stock Scan 19 Sept 2012

PNGM – Still holding critical $0.06 support here – if we see some volume coming in,could be a good buy off this level for $0.10 re-test

ANTS – Huge pop yesterday on big volume – watch for extension, but be careful that yesterday was a one-day event

HLNT – Nice uptrending chart, play the percentages here and buy the dip or the into the rip – be careful of fake breakouts.

EMPM – Still on watch. More pull back yesterday… Will be watching this one for the next week or so to see if there is more interest to come in.

ORYN – Probably pullback coming, but will watch to see if it holds $0.80 support. If not, run.

PEIX – $0.50 is the key level to watch for support now. Potential buy if this level holds – wouldn’t be surprised to see it eventually test $1 in the coming days/weeks.

LPR – nice looking chart here coming off the bottom – should retest recent support around $2 in the coming days/ weeks

GOK – Nice day yesterday, hit resistance of $0.50 – watch for pullback now, but keep an eye in coming days/weeks for break of this level and move higher

ANTH – Could pull back soon, but keep one eye out on for test of $1.75ish