Stock Scan 24 Sept 2012

ANTS – Going parabolic now, I expect a pullback today or tomorrow – may have one morning spike left in it.

LPH – Bounce watch today after getting hammered the past few days

HLNT – Nice uptrending chart, play the percentages here and buy the dip or the into the rip – be careful of fake breakouts.

LPR – nice looking chart here coming off the bottom – should retest recent support around $2 in the coming days/ weeks

ANTH – Looks like it may be flagging here so possible buy the dips – and keep one eye out on for test of $1.75ish

AONE – Long term swing play here. Looks like it might have support around $0.25 and we should look for it to test primary resistance of $0.75 in coming weeks.

ATPAQ – Bankruptcy squeeze play – DO NOT hold these stocks, they are in bankruptcy and almost never come out of bankruptcy in its existing form. Potential to  play the momo though – careful of quick sell off.

FFI – Two big up days in a row, probably pullback coming, but stay on watch for another rip

BLRX – New patent approval news this morning – don’t think it will do much but keep an eye on it just in case

HEB – $1 magnet here – watch for morning spike then possible sell off