Stock Scan 26 Sept 2012

GNGR – Big move last few days – promoters on this so I am thinking it might gap up/run early and then sell off, play accordingly

ZERO – Probably more selling to come after yesterday’s big dump, but keep an eye out for dead cat bounce – short term trade only

EXM – Nice looking chart here, possible push for $1 in coming days – still like for a swing trade to buy on dips

GCEI – Big move yesterday before pulling back – probably sells off now, but keep an eye out for one more push.

AMBS – Small pullback yesterday after a big day before… Possibly more upside to come, volume will be key

HLNT – $0.02 support is key here – if it holds this, potential swing trade.

AONE – Long term swing play here. Looks like it might have support around $0.25 and we should look for it to test primary resistance of $0.75 in coming weeks.