Stock Scan 8 Oct 2012

TAGG – Heavily promoted APS, seems to have support around this level, possible push higher but as always, be very careful with stocks these guys are involved with

SRGL – Could go either way here – A break up through $0.03 with volume could give it some legs, but as always watch for swift reversals

STP – $1 break on watch here – no significant resistance until $1.50

EMPO – Heavily promoted over the weekend, on watch

WYY – Has potential if it can break $0.50 – also looking for strong volume on breakout

TGWI – Potential buy on break of $0..05 where there is heavy selling/resistance

CTYX – News out this morning, potential mover only if early volume comes in

UTRM – Still flagging, volume has faded – keep an eye on for volume surge and high re-test